Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

Tulsa OK, USA

2019 Tour : Saturday June 15

Emerald City Railroad
398247 W 4000 Rd
Ramona OK

P&N Railroad
1345 E 29th St
Tulsa OK

Nickle Creek Watershed Railroad
3065 W 78th St
Tulsa OK

Vernon Guess
11718 E 109th St N
Owasso OK

2015 Tour : Saturday June 20

Tour Photos by Cindy Whitton.

2013 Tour Video

2012 Tour Video

Club Info

The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club was founded in January 1997. Its purpose is to encourage and broaden the knowledge of large scale garden railroad activities. It is open to anyone interested in large-scale outdoor or indoor model railroading.

Membership is $25/year for an individual, $30 for a family. A corporate membership is $250. An associate membership is $15 for distant members too far for regular activities.


•President: Vernon Guess
•Vice President: Bob Buttram
•Secretary: Lee Ford
•Treasurer: Mary Bakula


Activities include a monthly meeting held at the Hardesty Library. These meetings feature a presentation, a short business meeting and refreshments.

We have 3 different layouts we set up at events in the area. A floor layout which can be large or small, the Mini Modules, and the Large Modular Layout which adapts to the space available.

The annual tour takes place in June, the day before Father's day, and members have their gardens open for public viewing.

Corporate Sponsors

• Catalina Cove Developement - Skiatook Lake

Hardscape Materials

Koweta Hardware

• State Farm - Beverly Taylor, Skiatook



Arkansas & Missouri Railroad

Har-Ber Village Museum